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Helmet Drive and Moto Swap Meet - August 18, 2018 @ 11:00

More details:

It's a twofer! Come down to the Cretin MC Clubhouse with your old helmet (You know, the one you had to replace because it was over 5years old and safety and the effectiveness of impact plastics matter to you and you've had it kicking around your garage for while because you don't want to send it off to a landfill and just won't ever do that up-cycling art project with it) and donate it to the Greater Wenatchee EMS Council, who will use it to train the firefighters and paramedics of their 23 member Agencies on how to deal with motorcycle riders at crash scenes.

Then, set up your spot for the swap meet and sell or trade everything else that's been taking up space! Parts, clothes, gear, bikes, tools, whatever you like. $15 entry fee to sell your stuff helps keep this kind of thing happening.

All welcome to join in. More details available via facebook and Instagram.


Chapter Leadership:

President: Nick "Double Tap" Zehe

Vice President: Patrick "The Saint" Evans

Secretary: Kevin "Phoenix Slim" Suggs

Treasurer: Bobby "The Professor" Hougham

Ambassador: Doug "Jaws" Lyon


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