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Cretins MC

vintage, cafe racer, rat, and streetfighter motorcycle club.

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Bar of the month

Every month we meet up at a different bar or pub Thursday nights to talk vintage bikes and get in a ride through the town. Come raise a pint and say hello, who knows, you may even like it.



Cretin Clubhouse

3401 Thorndyke Ave West, Seattle, WA 98119

8:30pm, After ride TBD




2724 Northeast Pacific Street

8:30pm, After ride TBD


Los Angeles:


3172 Los Feliz Blvd

8:30pm, After ride at 10pm to Footsies


upcoming events


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Helmet Drive and Moto Swap Meet

Sunday, 18 August 2019 from 11:00-16:00

It's a twofer! Come down to the Cretin MC Clubhouse with your old helmet (You know, the one you had to replace because it was over 5years old and safety and the effectiveness of impact plastics matter to you and you've had it kicking around your garage for while because you don't want to send it off to a landfill and just won't ever do that up-cycling art project with it) and donate it to the Greater Wenatchee EMS Council, who will use it to train the firefighters and paramedics of their 23 member Agencies on how to deal with motorcycle riders at crash scenes.

Then, set up your spot for the swap meet and sell or trade everything else that's been taking up space! Parts, clothes, gear, bikes, tools, whatever you like. $15 entry fee to sell your stuff helps keep this kind of thing happening.




We Are:


Back in 1992...

The internet was just being invented, John Gotti was sentenced to life in prison, Cartoon Network was formed, Pearl Jam and Nirvana were helping define a whole new style of music and a group of six friends formed an MC around their shared love of the road, 2 wheels and vintage bikes.

Over the last 25 years the MC has grown to over 110 members and three chapters. We can be found at our monthly watering hole, in a brothers garage, or our clubhouse. We have members who are business owners, bartenders, machinists, software engineers, and even a multiple world land speed record holder. We have an equally diverse set of interest whether skateboarding, music, film or getting dirty on a lonely mountain trail at 3000 feet.

We wrench together, laugh together, we've got each others back and most importantly, we ride together.




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Mods vs. Rockers Los Angeles - Motorcyclist

Yes, the café racer craze may either be getting pretty tired or have completely jumped the shark, depending on who you talk to or your point of view. But there’s a group of friends who have been getting together for a big Mods vs. Rockers campout every year in the local LA mountains since before it was “cool.” And just like a scooter, it’s fun.


Rockin' And rollin' in the city of angels - Motorcyclist

On any given Thursday, Rick Carmody kickstarts his 1975 Honda CB200T, revs the engine and rolls out into the night. President of the Cretins Motorcycle Club's Los Angeles Chapter, Carmody-a.k.a. Highside- is headed for the club's weekly bike night. This week that's at Little Joy, a hipster dive bar in Echo park.

The Cretins M.C., formed in Seattle in the early '90s, is made up of vintage bike...


Seattle's Misfit motorcycle club refuses to grow up - Sound rider

The Cretins MC (est. 1992) formed simultaneously in Seattle and San Francisco by six friends.  While a pox of bike towings, accidents and high rent folded the Frisco chapter, the Seattle chapter flourished under the guidance of Cretin #1, Todd "T-Bird" Werny.  Today there are over two dozen riders, a chapter in LA, and solo members in NYC, Austin and Maui, HI.


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