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New Photo Gallery – Seattle Road Trips to LA

Check the photos out here

Seattle Cretins Visit LA – 2008

Alright, so these didn’t get posted until just a few days before the calendar rolled over to 2009 – they’re still great photos!

New Less Old Video – Hangin’ at the Cretin Clubhouse

There’s a little corner of the clubhouse we refer to as “Gearbox” and that’s what this photo montage is all about. Once, again, props to Mr. Gator for putting this together and posting it.

As Paul Simon says “Everything looks good in black and white…”

New Old Video… Cretins in LA 2006

Gator posted a photo collection with a rockin’ soundtrack to “The YouTube” and we’ve posted it for you here. Personally, I can’t watch it ’cause the weather is just too nice…

Cretins In LA Video | 2008

Smokey, Cretin #9, put together a lil’ YouTube video of our trip to LA… keep an eye on the site for photos to be added soon!

2008 Isle of Vashon

This was one of the best Isle of Vashon events in recent years.  Cretins had a great time riding the island – there must have been 1,000 bikes out there that day!  We were fortunate enough to be joined by one of our Portland members as well as FFMC members and other friends.  Following the ride and “silly games” at the Sportsman’s Club we had a great BBQ at Motor Jones’ house.  There must have been 60 bikes parked on his lawn. 

Special mention goes to Duke and Chops for taking part in the games and especially to Chops for taking first place in the kickstart contest (44 starts in 1 minute!) and second place in that whirling dervish of a race at the end.  Videos will follow!

Cretins @ Moclips 2005

LA Cretins Visit FFMC & Seattle