Cretins MC

#75 | Wonton

Everything you want to know about Wonton:

Name:  Wonton
Number:  75
Member Since:  2011
Favorite Beer:  Rainier or Black Butte Porter if i have a couple extra dollars
Likes:  2 wheeled whatever, station wagons, vintage cars bikes boats…
Dislikes:  D bags, posers, & Budweiser
Bikes: HONDA….3x 1973 CB500′s, 1967 cl160 scrambler, 1965 s90, 1968 s90, 1963 c105t (trail 55)

YAMAHA…. 1971 JT1 enduro
SUZUKI…. 2010 DR650
PUCH….1959 Sears/Allstate moped