Cretins MC

#9 | Smokey Baron von Two-Stroke

Name: Smokey Baron Von Two Stroke
Number: NINE!
Member Since: 1998
Favorite Beer: Anything with beer in it – Pabst, Guiness, Spaten, Optimator…
Likes: Bikes, beer, bowling & BBQ
Dislikes: Vegetables & the words “Crotch Rocket”
Boxers or Briefs : AeroStitch microfiber breathable waterproof safety yellow boxers…
Little bit country or
rock n roll:
Anything but rap and “new” country
Bikes: ’72 Yamaha XS-2 650
’91 Yamaha FZR 600 “Ratfighter”
’75 Kawasaki S3 400 triple two stroke


Smokey's Ride