Cretins MC

#53 | Kickstart

Everything you want to know about Kickstart:   

Name: Kickstart 
Number: 53 
Member Since: As long as I can remember 
Favorite Beer: Cheap and cold 
Likes: would like an SR 500 with a bulletproof stator…like that’s ever going to happen. I do like old bikes that work, eating, the smell of diesel exhaust on cold days, sniffing glue while licking 9 volt batteries, the Germantown/Old Germantown Rd. loop in Portland at 7 on a dry sunday morning. Oh yeah, tits…I like tits.
Dislikes: Theater majors, people telling me what I should be doing, pop music…I fucking hate pop music.
Boxers or Briefs : WTF? Um… Thermals?
Beatles or Stones? Stones before the disco album.  I like that Helter Skelter song from the Beatles though… 
Best Cretin Experience:  Every Cretin Experience 
Most Fun on a Bike: Unless it’s changed recently, its still going to be the Germantown/Old Germantown Rd loop in portland at 7 on a dry sunday morning.
Bikes: Right now? The fucking bus…