Cretins MC

#50 | Five-O

Everything you want to know about Five-O:    

Name: Five-O
Number: 50 
Member Since: 2005 
Favorite Beer: Beer is gross… 
Likes: Customizing bikes, nice long rides, music, li’l dogs, hazelnut breves and ladies – especially yours ha ha! 
Dislikes: I hate Seattle drivers, abercrombie wearin’ butt munchers,  and people that wear their pants around their ass.  Oh yeah, painting everything flat black is boring…
Boxers or Briefs : Sport briefs
Little bit country or
rock n roll:
Rockin’ Fuckin’ Roll bitches 
Bikes: ’98 Buell White Lightning AKA Soul Shaker
’80 Yamaha XS400 AKA Orange Crush