Cretins MC

#12 | Cogs

Everything you want to know about Cogs:

Name: Cogs
Number: 12
Member Since: 1999
Favorite Beer: Carta Blanca
Likes: Boxers Рclean ones.  Although I am frequently dialing the long-john hotline.
Dislikes: Whiny motorcyclists & self-righteous pedestrians
Boxers or Briefs : Cooking, travel, thunderstorms, winning, being right all the time.
Little bit country or
rock n roll:
I’m a soul man
Best Cretin Experience: Moclips, more or less
Most Fun on a Bike: Cutting the elusive sub-2:00 lap on the 160.
Helping my ha-wife-a go racing and following her around the track.
Bikes: ’06 Ducati PS1000LE (The Paul Stupid)
’74 Honda CB200 (The Sand Flea)
’65 Honda CB160 Racer (Kid Banty)